Özemek Kuruluş

Özemek Plastik, started profile mold production as a lathe shop, which was established under the entreprenurship of Mustafa Ozcoban in 1975. Foundations of policy of providing original solutions for special requirements of customers, which is the main idea of today's product diversity, were created back then.


Molds, which were manufactured with the extruder machine designed and created mainly with company sources, were tested.


Upon the demands of furniture industry, plastic profile was added to the product range. Manufactured molds provided profile solutions for mainly the furniture industry, as well as the electricity, construction and automotive.


As a proof of increase in growth, new pvc band product line started its operations in an indoor plant of 3.000m2 in Ikitelli.


A1 brand was established to embody the experiences in the field of furniture profiles and A1 gained a place in the market. With International Intermob Fair, A1 became popular in world market.


With 4.500m2 indoor space in Esenyurt, a plant was added to the operations of the firm and started its first branch in Ankara with the idea of creating an active sales network across Turkey. Following Ankara, branches of Kayseri, Izmir and Ikitelli were also established. With the commercial networks established by means of the firms in Germany, Russia, China and Balkan states, A1 expanded abroad.


In Silivri, 10.000 m2 closed area continues to operate as a company that sells to 30 countries including Turkey, together with monthly production capacity of 1.000 tons.


The technical parts shaped by labor, knowledge and experience in the process of day-to-day production from 1975, constantly renewed systems enable Özemek Plastik to strengthen in the context of its production power and organizational structure.

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