Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give us general information about your firm briefly?

Ozemek started its operations in 1975 with mold production for various industries such as furniture, automotive, white goods and construction. It gained its place in the industry with production of plastic profile in 1996 and pvc edge banding in 2000.

Ozemek summarizes its sense of quality and service with the passion for "achieving perfection". Leading company of innovative solutions, A1 is the leader of the industry with its color, pattern and product diversities. Our firm manufacture the molds, which were designed by using today's technology, within itself. This feature brings velocity and quality along. Gathering different industry's productions under the same roof and being managed by the synergy of this, our firm is unique in plastic profile production. With 15 advanced extruder line and more than 100 employees all over the country, Özemek, which operates in 7000 m² indoor area with the capacity of 600 tones of pvc processing per month, is providing various industries.

What are the technology investments in ÖZEMEK?

ÖZEMEK gives great importance also to technology in line with the increasing customer demands. Producing in its enclosed area of 7000m2, ÖZEMEK has added new machines to its portfolio and increased its Pvc processing capacity to 600 tones per month. In a laboratory environment, it increased color and pattern compatibility, light sensitivity, UV resistance and impact resistance of plastic edge banding with chroma control devices. By means of the enriched formula, grinding and flexible and smooth cutting were ensured and quality of the product was optimized with a perfect adhesion feature. Our company's technology investments will continue in line with its innovative and prospective purposes from now o

Where are the brands of ÖZEMEK and A1 in National and International markets?

Since ÖZEMEK is producing rich product ranges and diversties under the same roof, it has reached the leading position in Turkey. Also our A1 Brand is strengthening its place in the Foreign industry day by day and is increasing brand recognition via various organizations. It approaches to its target with steady steps.

What are the strenghts of ÖZEMEK and A1 brands?

Özemek and A1 brands are the first firm to produce PVC edge banding and plastic profile molds in Turkey. And it is also the first firm to have PVC edge banding and profile in its production portfolio at the same time. It is a family company which acts with the experience of 36 years. It releases its original and innovative products to the market. It is coming closer to its aims of international market constintently by using technology and its experience in production. Increasing the productivity for customer satisfaction and offering quality products are the most important features of it. Besides, production induced errors are resolved within the shortest time.

How can I procure the products of ÖZEMEK and A1?

You can procure Özemek and A1 product from the sales points, our branches or factory sales department across Turkey or you can purchase via our contact numbers and mail address. For more information about domestic sales and export demands, you can contact with our Head Office located in Esenyurt.

How can I learn about the latest products of ÖZEMEK?

ÖZEMEK expands its product range with new designs to create trends. Under the title of products in our website, you can find the detailed images and general features of the products.

Where are the ÖZEMEK branches and sales points?

ÖZEMEK has branches in Ankara, Kayseri, Ikitelli (Istanbul) keresteciler sitesi and has its head office in Esenyurt. You can get support from these places for order follow-up and technical information. Also, we have tens of sales points and dealers in many cities especially in the metropolitans beyond measure.

How many product types does ÖZEMEK has?

ÖZEMEK has a wide range of products. It offers more than 30.000 disparate products excluding the on-demand modifications and differens configurations of the existing product.

What type of systems does ÖZEMEK use to train its personnel?

We know that the way to take even firmer steps to a conscious future is through the education so ÖZEMEK gives personal development trainings regarding to their expertise to its personnel via specialized educational institutions.

Are there any career opportunities in ÖZEMEK?

ÖZEMEK is one of the rarest places to gain experience especially in terms of its product diversity. Due to the importance it gave to technology and education, it aims to train personnels that are developing themselves continously.

What is the importance of experience in Edge Banding Production?

ÖZEMEK started business life in 1975 so it has a deep knowledge and experience in the field of production. Many firms in the market also take advantage of this experience. It doesn't compromise on overcoming product handicaps and quality product services, so it is our broad experience is underlying reason for the services offered.

How is the Human Resources Policy in ÖZEMEK?

To reach its goals, Özemek requires high performance managers and employees to ensure consistent development under the conditions of competition which were the results of the changing technology worldwide. For this reason, we regard our employees as very valuable sources that needs to be developed in paralel with the continuous development of our company.
We are trying to do our human resources management part by creating a culture of high performance employees through the manager and manager candidate trainings as well as the orientation trainings, vocational trainings and personal development trainings during the development process.

Our goal is to offer high standard development and education opportunities to our managers and employees, and make a great contribution to them so than they can make their activities continue and increase.

How can we learn about the products of ÖZEMEK and their types ?

You can request an ÖZEMEK product catalogue through the catalogue request form under the the title of services. You can also request a catalogue from our Head Office, Branches and sales points via mail or phone, or you can personally apply for it to procure the catalogue.

What are the operation principles in ÖZEMEK ?

Being reliable and consistent are the main operation principles of ours. We make progress by always adapting to the development environment with the perfect and quality service. Preserving our objective point of view, we proceed to our way by updating all possibilities and opportunities with the newest ones within the frame of integrity and honesty. Having a team, which listens to the customers to understand what they need and serve accordingly, both in domestic and foreign market, ÖZEMEK does not compromise on these principles.

What are the domestic and foreign sectoral organizations ÖZEMEK participates in?

ÖZEMEK participates in many Furniture Sub-Industry Fairs which are organized both in the country and abroad. You can follow the fairs we participated and will participate on our website if you want.

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