Human resources

Our Human Resources Policy

To reach its goals, Özemek requires high performance managers and employees to ensure consistent development under the conditions of competition which were the results of the changing technology worldwide. For this reason, we regard our employees as the most valuable sources that needs to be developed in paralel with the continuous development of our company.

We are trying to do our human resources management part by creating a culture of high performance employees through the manager and manager candidate trainings as well as the adaptation trainings, vocational trainings and personal development trainings during the development process.

Our goal is to offer high standard development and education opportunities to our managers and employees, and make a great contribution to them so than they can make their activities continue and increase.

  • Creating effective interview processes to choose the best fit for the needed position,
  • Creating a work environment which make the personnel satisfied,
  • Developing improvement activities in line with the results of satisfaction measures,
  • Developing cultural and sports activities in and out of the company,
  • Organizing developmental trainings for improving competencies and performance of our personnel,
  • Defining the suitable performance system for the qualifications of position
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