A1 counter skirting are offered in different models, decor, and forms...

A1 focuses on perfect design and aesthetic look and offers trending patterns and models. Plastic countertop skirting offers unique look to your kitchen and adds value with chic and trending models.

Concave and convex models with elegant look is one of the most preferred product in the sector. Additionally, each skirting model is offered with aluminium, stainless steel, and metal components in addition to wooden patterns.

A1 Aluminium countertop skirting models are generally manufactured from aluminium and with new stainless steel look. With this new options, skirtings have perfect and unique harmony with imbedded kitchen appliances. On demand, eloxal or bright aluminium models are among other options. Both options present a harmonious look with current kitchen models.

Countertop aluminium skirting is resistant for high temperatures, thus provides increased safety.

Area of Use

Plastic and Aluminium Skirting Profiles generally covers the connection point of countertop and wall from one end to the other in chic way and consist of various decorative product options. 

  • Countertops

  • Caravan

  • Yacht, Boat

  • Bathtubs

are main application areas of Countertop Skirting models.

Skirting Profiles applied to connection point of countertop and wall will transform your kitchen into a chic and decorative space. Countertop skirting profiles prevent contact of water with the wall as well as expansion, corrosion etc. due to wetness of wooden materials.

Countertop skirting profiles are commonly preferred with their vivid, harmonious colours and pattern options. 


Rich skirting profile options perfectly fit to products and kitchens of leading panel manufacturers of Europe in terms of look and style. Advantages of Plastic and Aluminium Skirting can be listed as follow:

  • Silky smoothness of colours and surfaces

  • Long shelf life

  • Practical mounting and installation

  • Non-flammable, damp and moisture resistant products

  • Perfect fit for cold climates in northern regions and hot climates in southern region with rich formula and high-quality products

  • Decorative and chic look

  • Durable product colours and resistance for external factors

  • Harmony of patterns with marble and plates

  • Recycle and environmentally friendly

  • Trendy colours and patterns

  • Specific, functional, aesthetic look with engineering support

  • 0 guarantee against manufacturing errors

Countertop skirting models will add aesthetic look to your kitchen. Countertop skirting models are indispensable for your kitchen with various colours, patterns, and chic design.

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