Cradle Pipe 

As Özemek A1, we are manufacturing all products in our product range in our facilities. We are offering high-quality product advantage with affordable prices and easy payment procedures for our business partners in furniture accessories, furniture, and cradle manufacturing sectors.

What should you consider while buying a cradle pipe?

While buying a cradle pipe, a cradle cycle, cradle rails, or cradle bars, first thing you should consider is the health of baby. None of the products manufactured under Özemek A1 are harmful for human health. Additionally, compared to wooden alternatives, plastic cradle pipes prevent injuries with smooth surface. 

  1. What advantages can you experience when you buy a cradle pipe from Özemek A1?

With our trust in the quality of our products that are manufactured in our facilities, we believe in growing with our partners. Therefore, we are providing 100% product guarantee against manufacturing errors. 

Cradle pipe, cradle cycle, cradle rails, and cradle bars manufactured by Özemek A1 offer easy mounting with extremely light structure and flexibility. There is no need for polishing, painting, or treatment before or after mounting. 

Our products include pipe cradle cycle, ellipse cradle cycle, and stopper with 9 mm, 10 mm, and 15 mm dimensions and we can manufacture personalised products with desired colours and sizes. 

As we manufacture in our own facilities, we can offer optimum price, and payment with term and instalment on credit card.

For more information, you can contact us from here.

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