Who doesn’t want to spend peaceful time in their own living space?

A calm nigh, sweet sleep of your baby, or resting after a tiring day...

But what is that?

Your doors shut with rumble when wind blows!

We are all familiar with this rumble..

But how can we prevent it?

Of course, with WICKS that offer great comfort for interior doors!

Door Case Wicks are the products specially manufactured to prevent rumbling banging of your doors. As banging of the doors is making you uncomfortable with loud noise, it also erodes your doors in time. Wooden door case wicks will turn your space into a peaceful and calm one with easy-of-use and different colour options. Wicks are suitable for all types of doors and offered with various colours and models. Your doors can shut down harshly due to wind, your children, or some other factor. But, these doors wicks that can safely be used in all interior will change everything from ground. As they are in harmony with your door model, it will result in aesthetic look.

Wooden door case wicks are special parts on interior door case and these products have durable structure. These are used in all new structures currently build around us. Various options is another element that makes this product preferable. You can use door wicks in your office or in other spaces as well as your home. Door case wicks that increases life cycle of your doors, special design that provides calmness to your space, and harmonious options also provide advantages with easy mounting. Additionally, wicks prevent hot/cold air circulation and keeps temperature balance in your space. With elastic structure, they will add flexibility to functions of your door. Just mount wicks in your interior door and enjoy peaceful moments with your loved ones...

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