What adds life to a space and makes it more meaningful?

Of course, furniture with aesthetic appearance...

Well, what makes furniture look aesthetic?


Coupling profiles are the products that connect MDF/chipboard panel parts of your furniture. These accessories also called H profiles adds a new dimension to your space with different colour options.

Some furniture has relatively large dimensions and the assembly process is hard. With H profiles, assembly becomes extremely practical and completed within minutes. Additionally, furniture manufactures can save up on materials such as chipboard and MDF with H profiles. Coupling profiles that connect divided furniture panel parts and how furniture looks are generally located at the back part. Thus, they complete their duty as invisible heroes and all you have to do is to enjoy your furniture...

H profiles can safely be used especially in home and office furniture. This product attracts attention from furniture manufacturers as well as furniture users. H profiles with structure that enables easy assembly, different colour and dimension options, chic look and practical use also enables easy demounting as well as assembly.

H profiles can be used in various areas like children’s room, bedroom, living room, and many others.

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